Alex Stopar

After high school very fascinated by the possibility of being able to manipulate biological systems for application purposes I joined the graduate program in Biotechnology at Trieste University achieving my bachelor's degree. As part of the experimental thesis I did an internship in the molecular oncology laboratory (LNCIB) under supervision of Prof. Giannino Del Sal. So I continue my education with a master degree in Medical Biotechnology (Nanotechnology curriculum) pursuing my former interests. My master degree thesis was included in the project “Predictive and prognostic value of polymorphisms of genes involved in folate cycle and their characterization in ovarian cancer” under supervision of Dr. Giuseppe Toffoli at National Cancer Institute (CRO) Aviano, Italy. Actually, after graduation I had a great opportunity when I met my current PhD mentor Dr. Matteo Castronovo who introduces me in DNA nanotechnology field. In January 2012 I started my PhD in Nanotechnology at Trieste University, with a project that aims to use DNA Nanotechnology as a tools for biomedical purposes through the study of biochemical and biophysical properties of DNA arrays at nanoscale.


1. Biason P, Visentin M, Talamini R, Stopar A, Giorda G, Lucia E, Campagnutta E, Toffoli G.“Polymorphic thymidylate synthase gene impacts on overall survival of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer after platinum-based chemotherapy”. Pharmacogenomics. 2012; 13(14):1609-19. doi: 10.2217/pgs.12.136.

2. Castronovo M, Stopar A, Coral L, Redhu SK, Vidonis M, Kumar V, Ben FD, Grassi M, Nicholson AW. “Effects of Nanoscale Confinement on the Functionality of Nucleic Acids, and Applications in Nanomedicine”. Curr. Med. Chem., 2013; 20(28):3539-57. doi 10.2174/09298673113209990173.

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