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Anna Russo has been awarded the Master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology from University of Naples ”Federico II” in December 2010 with highest grade, then she has spent one year at IBB (Institute of Biostructure and Bioimaging, Naples section) looking after synthesis and purification of peptides set which modulates the biological activity of growth factors, receptors and enzymes, involved in tumor-associated signaling pathways. She is now pursuing her PhD in “Genetics, Oncology and Clinical Medicine”, working in Prof. Scoles group in the Department of Medical and Biological Sciences at the University of Udine on a project entitled “Application of Advanced Nanotechnology in the Development of Innovative Cancer Diagnostic Tools”. She has been visiting PhD student (May-July 2012) at the Centre for Functional Nanostructures of KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) in Dr. Ljiljana Fruk research group, acquiring competences in synthesis and biofunctionalization of gold nanoparticles, to be used for novel diagnostic tools development. She has very good skills in manual and automatic SPPS by the Fmoc chemistry, Split-mix synthesis, peptide analysis and purification, in biochemical spectrophotometric assays, such as ELISA and FRET by High Throughput Screening. This skill set is suitable to the study of peptide-protein interactions for the development of peptide-based binders for protein detection. She is co-author of a paper published in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2012).

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