Daniele Borin

Daniele Borin got the Bachelor Degree and the Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padova in 2005 and 2009, respectively. His Master thesis was focused on the production of lipid microparticles embedding an enzyme through the use of supercritical CO2.Currently he’s doing his PhD research activity at the CNR-IOM laboratories in Basovizza (Trieste, Italy) under the supervision of Dr. Marco Lazzarino and Prof. Giacinto Scoles. His research is focused mainly on microresonators design and development for biomolecular detection in liquid. In particular, he’s working on micropillars technology, i.e. vertically oriented oscillators that, if fabricated in a dense array and treated to be hydrophobic, lead to the so called “super-hydrophobic state” (or “lotus leaf” effect). Here, a drop of solution is in contact only with the top of the sensor, while the sensor itself can oscillate laterally in air, maintaining good sensitivity and allowing direct measurement in liquid. This represent a big advantage compared to a fully immersed resonator, where the damping of the medium would produce a very low sensitivity. In addition, the reduced area of the sensor reflects in a faster diffusion (up to three orders of magnitude) compared to larger sensors.


· Vezzù, K.; Borin, D.; Bertucco, A.; Bersani S.; Salmaso S.; Caliceti P.; Production of lipid microparticles containing bioactive molecules functionalized with PEG, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 54, 2010, 328–334.

· Toffoli V., Dandash F., Pozzato A., Borin D., Carrato S. and Lazzarino M. (2013). Actuation of silicon pillar micro-mechanical resonators by Kelvin polarization force. Microelectronic Engineering, 111, 1–6. doi:10.1016/j.mee.2013.05.013

· Borin D., Melli M., Dal Zilio S., Toffoli V., Toffoli G., Scoles G. and Lazzarino M., On the role of the coating in superhydrophobic micromechanical resonant sensors operating in liquid, sottomesso a “Sensors and actuators B: Chemical”

International conferences:

Microfluidic 2012, July, 25th-27th 2012, EMBL Heidelberg (Germany);

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