New project - A CACTUS

We have been granted extra ERC funding for the PoC project:

"Antibody-free method for Counting All Circulating Tumour cellS while maintaining them alive
and intact (A CACTUS)"

Nanotechnology for better and faster detection of cancer Estimates show that 90% of cancer deaths
are due to the development of cancer metastases. In his PoC project, Prof. Giacinto Scoles investigates a new system to detect circulating tumour cells (CTCs), the cells that are likely responsible for cancer dissemination. The CTCs have been identified in bladder, gastric, prostate, lung, breast and colon cancer.
The chief goal of the project is to develop a CTC detection system that focuses on the metabolic features of these migratory cells, in particular both epithelial and mesenchymal cancer cells. The technique, which differs from traditional diagnostic methods based on antibodies, aims at separating cells into micro-droplets through water-in-oil emulsions and measuring changes of the pH in their surrounding environment due to their faster metabolism . It also provides a way to count and isolate the CTCs while maintaining them
alive and intact for further studies.

See the ERC  press release or their FACEBOOK announcement.


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