Marco Vidonis

Marco Vidonis - Profile PicMarco Vidonis is a Chemical Engineer and was awarded his MS in Process and Materials Engineering from the University of Trieste in March 2013. His graduation thesis was based on a 5-month work he carried out in Castronovo's group in the National Cancer Center (CRO) in Aviano, Italy. The research topic was AFM imaging and manipulation of nucleic acids self-assembled monolayers and built on Castronovo's previous results on two-dimensional diffusion of restriction enzymes inside nanografted nucleic acids monolayers.

Soon after graduation, he joined Prof. Scoles's group in the University of Udine, Italy to teach Atomic Force Microscopy to students of the group. Starting from July 2013, he became a fellow student in Prof. Scoles's group, where he continues the work on DNA monolayers he started in Aviano. At the moment, the main aim of his work is the formation of highly dense self-assembled monolayers, which in principle can be coupled with nanografting of low-density DNA patches for the formation of two-dimensional enzyme diffusion (2DED) molecular circuits.

Monalisa Group

Department of Medical and Biological Sciences - University of Udine - Piazzale Kolbe, 4 - 33100 Udine - Italy

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