Maryse Nkoua

Maryse D. Nkoua Ngavouka has received her Postgraduate Diploma Course in Condensed Matter Physics from The Abdus Salam, International Centre for Theoretical Physics(ICTP) in August 2011. She was selected for when she was still a young student in her country, Congo. Then she has spent four months(September- December 2011) of internship in the NanoInnovationLab at Elettra Synchrotron facility(Trieste), Granted by the TRIL program(ICTP). She got involved in the Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM) investigation of DNA self-assembling in physiological environment, addressing the effect of ionic strenght on the conformation of DNA nanobrushes on gold surfaces. She is now pursuing her PhD from the School of Nanotechnology and Nanosciences of the University of Trieste, continuing working in the NanoInnovationLab and Prof G.Scoles Group. She has a very good skills in the great potential of the AFM technique, how to go beyond "simply imaging", getting insights into intermolecular forces that govern the interaction between probe and sample. She is using AFM based nanografting to produce DNA nanoarrays with variable molecular density capable of rapid and accurate detection of DNA/miRNA targets(miRNA reported to be differently expressed in patients having different level of heart failure) , through the measurement, via AFM, of the different nanomechanical response of ssDNA and DNA/miRNA hybridized nanopatches.

Monalisa Group

Department of Medical and Biological Sciences - University of Udine - Piazzale Kolbe, 4 - 33100 Udine - Italy

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